Is age just a number?




LOL… We should have a Zegist bible by now with all these “memory verses” you used to spot…


Honestly @Udy_Inyang I’ve always dodged this type of questions. Truly,I wouldn’t marry any man younger than I am-even with the whole maturity thing. I’m sorry to sound that way. I wouldn’t as well marry my age mate-weird? The max age difference 5-7 yrs with a whole lot of maturity and common sense,someone that’ll engage my brain in tactical reasonings to keep my upstairs alive and filled with new knowledge as well as goof around.


Amen! Amen… Have you ever had a personal experience with raising a guy before?


Nope…but I’ve heard lots of it. It can be draining.




I strongly believe age is just a number maybe cos I’m my own example…
There are other factors I would actually consider before age…

How compatible are we, does both our goals and vision align, if not, can we successfully merge both without conflict?

What are your beliefs, is it conflicting with mine?

Do you have daddy/mummy issues, if yes how have you tried to sort yourself, I can not come and be dealing with complex issues biko, very key for me…

Do you believe in equal right and opportunities for women and the girl child, I cannot have a man that believes my place is in the kitchen and the other room…

How does he treat the people around…family, friends, foes.

Anger issues??? Conflict management???

I would definitely consider all these before age, Cos truly Age doesn’t define any of these…

Ps: my mum is older than my dad by 10 months though :grinning:


Thank you!!! It doesn’t… When you really meet that person you love, you will see everything else about him before age…


You get… But some people really consider age…


Oh yeah… We should too… At least our consideration shouldn’t be below 1-3 years at most… 3-10 years is a No personally…


Completely agree with you


So far, most of the ladies I’ve found incredibly attractive enough for marriage for me are older than me. So, yes. For me, age is just a number.

But then, I don’t think I can marry someone who’s like 10 - 20 years older. It’s a guy - lady relationship not a guy - mummy relationship


:grin::grin: Abi… Not a guy-mummy relationship…


I don’t care about a lady’s age, it’s about the last thing I ask when I’m getting to know her. (at the least we end up being friends if the romantic interest is not shared or for some reason doesn’t work out) … from my experience the ladies bring up the age question. I can date a lady who’s older as long as she’s not going to be acting weird and age conscious when we’re out together. If she’s 2-3 years older I can deal


What’s your say on this??

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Let me get this clear. If you have fallen in love with a woman or a man, and you know from your assessment that s/ he is the one, but then you find s/ he is much older than you or even younger, should you bail on her/ him?

Can you honestly say that you loved her/ him in the first place? Isn’t love tolerant?


I don’t think age matters inasmuch as there is a concensus to Love and the commitment to back it up.


Bailout on her?? Nah…No way… So long I’m sure the person isn’t acting weird and age conscious like @Nonso_Azike mentioned.


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Lolz Yes ma