Is homeschool the best solution?

Homeschooling is a form of education where a parent decides not to send the child to a formal school whether public or private. Instead, the parent teaches the child by himself or herself and may decide to employ a private tutor to teach the child.

One of the reasons some parents decide to homeschool their children is because they feel it will protect their children from negative peer pressure, bad companionship, learning the wrong things, being bullied in school and from being abused or molested.

Some parents believe that a young age, the child should not be exposed to the society but should be trained in the home until the child is old and mature enough to distinguish between right and wrong and mature enough to make wise decisions by themselves.

Do you believe that homeschool prevents and protects a child from:

  1. Abuse and molestation
  2. Negative peer influence and pressure
  3. Bad company
  4. Being bullied
  5. Learning the wrong things

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During the first few years of growing up, Yes, it would help prevent alot but that should not be a reason for homeschooling because we have been to school before and even other kids and we have seen these things and grown above them… so that shouldn’t be the reason.

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The Vices listed can happen anywhere … School , home , church , estate … Anywhere … When I become a parent -InshaAllah - I would try and and learn my kids’ personalities … One may thrive in a physical school another one will thrive being homeschooled … Whichever the case I believe social interaction is very important for a child’s development… I need my kids to grow to be independent adults …


I don’t subscribe to homeschooling.

These vices will always be present in society. We just need to train our kids to say NO, open up completely to us and put them in responsible schools too.

A child needs to learn to interact. There are some soft skills learnt there.