Is Instagram killing offline shops

Hello @everybody, lately, some persons prefer to order items from their favourite instagram pages, than getting to boutiques,market, etc, to buy phone, dress, shoes, wigs, and so on.

So guys, what do y’all think?

Is instagram gradually stealing the show from offline shops or are these two market places doing well for themselves and in no way threatening the business visibility of the other?

Let’s know what you think about this :point_down::point_down::point_down:


With more secure online shopping experience, offline businesses will certainly suffer.

It’s happening in places like the US. Clothing and departmental stores like Macys, JC Penney, Payless and Target are rapidly closing stores and “upping” their online game.
Employment will suffer greatly also.

Online giants like Amazon give amazing shopping experience with options to ship and return items for free.
If the Nigerian market gets to this stage, the offline peeps wouldn’t know what hit them.
Personally, I know a couple of people that only go to the stores for groceries, every other shopping is online.
So if you want your business to remain afloat or better still be lucrative, it might be best to have both physical and virtual presence.


It definitely is


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They should upgrade and turn their shops to warehouse and promote their Instagram page too


Amazing summary. Using practical examples help express your points well. Kudos.


Hmm. There is a question. Looks like what konga and yudala merger might accomplish. Combination of the offline facilities and the online also.


Well. She said it all.
Though in Nigeria, the determinant factor will be dependent on how many have access to c cheap and fast internet


Yes. And also those who are resistant to change.
There are people who don’t even want to try Uber and Taxify. Talkless of using their debit cards online.


Hello @Rotimidokun, 'twas great to see you yesterday :raised_hands:t3:

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Majority of the shopping is still done offline.


In my opinion… Both of them have their marketplace… No one is really above the other… Just that there are more options to shop now…

You are right.

I don’t think anyone is spoiling show for the other, but just like @Angie said, having both physical and virtual presence won’t be a bad idea. Just make sure you don’t overhype yourself online, then fail to deliver offline.


I don’t think so. With all the problems of identity theft and also the fact that you don’t know what you are really buying when you order things on line, many people rather go to the stores to select their purchases. But of course, if the desired items aren’t found in the stores, people will shop for the cheapest prices online. But killing the shops, I doubt it.

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No. It’s not. It could help with reaching more customers across the world and makes life easy for some customers.

Not everyone has the time to go shopping physically and even among those who have the time, some just don’t like it.

But with Instagram, customers can see what they want and order for it. People can also get to know about your shop on Instagram and visit

Every business should have an online presence. It may not be Instagram.

100% No. In fact, a big no.

If it’s doing anything, it’s increasing sales and revenue.

case in point

Despite the convieniecy of shopping online, people who are scared of identity theft, credit card fraud et al still go to offline shops.

Same reason Amazon, the king of online shops are opening offline shops

In summary, in no way are online shops killing offline shops. The competition has been healthy. For what it’s worth, they have had a successful symbiotic relationship.


I think that sales in social networks is very relevant now! But this does not prevent the development of other areas. I think that any sphere of sales will always bring a good income if you competently organize the technical part. And of course to work properly with the advertising of your product or account. I work with Fully autonomous service and very simple and efficient

Yeah, i also think there’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone is using internet and social media now, so it’s quite natural. By the way, shops canbuy cheap insta likes and that way promote their goods.