Is it compulsory for a married woman to change her surname and middle name?

So there’s this ongoing debate on Ineme Dandison and Christie Essien’s Facebook profile as to whether a married woman should change her surname from her father’s name to her husband’s name or not.

Some people feel women that do not change their surnames after marriage are not submissive.

Someone even said that a woman who doesn’t change her surname after marriage wants to run away (as if she can’t run away after changing her surname).

Others say that she no longer belongs to her father’s house but to her husband and so must change her identity.

Some said it’s a matter of mutual agreement and understanding between the couple.

Someone said it’s about motives. For e.g., the daughter of Dangote may not want to change her name because of who her father is.

Too many reasons sef.

What’s your take on this? Is it compulsory for a woman to change her surname after getting married? Why or why not?

Please any legal practitioner should also help us with the legal implications of both sides. Thanks.

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I agree.

But then nothing is really compulsory.
If your husband doesn’t have a problem with it, then you can retain your father’s name.


Well in my case, my wife has to change her surname.

I don’t mind changing my name … At the very least I would hyphenate my surname …

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First of all I think it’s not compulsory. Changing your surname doesn’t mean that you love your husband or not. Or that you are not submissive, now being submissive is relative. I think where this issue of arguing even comes up is when couples do not talk about these things before hitting the altar. What works for A is witcraft to B. There are a lot of couples that the wives do not change their names and it’s going good. The obvious one is olu and joke. Also there is Blake lively and @vancityrenolds.