Is it wise for a woman to accept gifts from a man she does not have any intention of dating?


So is it wise for a woman to accept gifts from a toaster she has no intention of dating. I got this response on Quora. I went to bed after I read it, this lady basically finished me.

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She is right though… Women do buy women random gifts, seen a lot of that around


knew you were gonna take her side. :rage:


If I am not aware of the gift beforehand and the person is not an irritating stalker … I shall and I always accept it…
Anyday anybody feels entitled cos of the gift I send it back in the form or in another form…

Buying and accepting gifts is no biggie… some guys just feel really entitled after giving gifts and that sucks.


:joy::joy: Using my sister as ref point, she receives a lot of random gifts from women than men.
Oya sowie… But wait, do men buy men gifts randomly?


dude I don’t even call my male friend. Gift ko, gift ni.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: same here . In Uni, my roommates jokingly asked if I was Bi sexual…


yeah sucks.


lol… Jeez! What planet are you from? well, I guess it’s just my best friend i buy gifts… but i put a call through thrice a blue moon


I wouldn’t expect gifts from my friends though. I’ve grown so anti-social over the years.


Lol… You do need to relax and hang out with the boys even if it’s not watching football, it could be politics, drinks or just plain catching up…


:joy: :joy:


Women buy each other gifts all the time (or basically go into their friends wardrobe and take stuff). I currently have a set of rings on now that was bought by a fellow girl.

I think in this part of the world, our thinking is that ‘we give to receive’.


Yeah cheap stuff.


Mutual benefit, very bad


If am a lady why won’t i accept it. Does the guy expect me to say yes just bcus he bought me a gift

I might as well be changing bf every week na just because dey all buy me gift

Its a gift its meant to b accepted not rejected regardless of who’s giving, as long as the lady did not beg for it( this is when it becomes a problem)


U must b vexing for women o

At least they buy
Guys call each other once in a month
Even to chat na war, unless business is involved


I wonda ow many times that is :unamused::unamused:


Such love