Is kissing someone else cheating? ☹️


IS A KISS CHEATING? A new survey out of Scotland says 1 in 5 men think passionately kissing someone other than their significant other is not infidelity. 9 out of 10 women said it definitely is cheating.

Someone should help me tag everyone.


It is cheating.


It’s cheating… that’s all




Yes. It is cheating.




Abeg I will comment on this in 4 years time by then I will be 18 years. but for now let me just be :walking_man::walking_man::walking_man::walking_man::walking_man:


Lol! Smh


Well, if it’s that type of kiss on the thread image, ma sister, big infidelity menh, BT then we all knw some kisses are casual and forms of greeting


It’s cheating.


Bro wait o when did kissing turn to form of greeting abeg


Wats ur aim of kissing broda…


Lol! Pls don’t tell me;

  1. You don’t knw kissing is a form of getting
  2. There r diff types of kisses.


Biko expatiate, I want to learn :bowing_woman:


learner :joy::joy:

Learn for us, we will ask for your notepad later to copy small :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Lwkmd…no problem.