Is Pornography Harmful?

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Hello everyone. A little introduction. My name is Florida, and I run a sexual and reproductive health startup called Slide Safe ( Slide Safe is an all-in-one box of STI rapid tests kits (HIV and Hepatitis B), water-based lubricants, and condoms. Slide Safe is discretely delivered to customers, at their preferred drop-off location and time. Slide Safe is a public health innovation to help drive the increase of screening of STIs among sexually active people in Nigeria.

That little advert out of the way (:slight_smile:), another thing Slide Safe does is sexual health education. And that’s today I’m having this Q&A session. I wanted us to discuss pornography, hopefully in an open, non-judgmental way. I’m really heavy on shame-free and judgment-free conversation about sex. We aren’t having enough educational conversation about sex, so it’s really good to foster an environment that does not shut people up or make them afraid to speak their mind for fear of being thought of as being ‘rotten’ or anything like that. So, let’s just talk plainly without fear.

Now to the question: IS PORN HARMFUL?

Before I give my own opinion on this, I want to hear what people think first


From a christian perspective… I believe and know its wrong… However from a non religious perspective… I don’t think so. Although i believe it could lead to other addictions such as Masturbation, irregular sexual desires etc…

Over all i believe it is wrong because it opens you up to a lot of negative things e.g thoughts of having sex with someone whom naturally you won’t think of having it with, masturbation etc


I’m not getting any responses, so let me just continue:

To answer the question, IS PORN HARMFUL, I will say it depends. On (1) the age of the person watching the porn (2) the kind of porn they are watching.

The thing, most people were exposed to porn at a rather very young age. Many people as children, and that include myself. Exposing children to sexually explicit content have been found by many researchers to cause harm to them. Some of the times, children exposed to porn become abusers, sometimes of themselves – most times of other children. They are experimenting that they saw. They are also very unlikely to begin sex early, and are often more susceptible to getting abused by adults. Some of the times, children get exposed to porn by the adults who abuse them. So, any person here that watches porn, it is of utmost importance that you store it safely and hidden from any children around it.

If you see a child who has been exposed to porn acting all “spoilt”, that is not the time to become judgmental. That child doesn’t know what he/she is doing. Counseling is what is needed, especially if abuse had taken place.

So, in a nutshell, porn is very harmful to children.


personally, I think it is, the fact that it portrait sex being used for the wrong reasons.

elaborate a little, please

Apart from the fact that it is sex without emotional closeness, this can cause addiction, i mean you always want more and can make the underlying hunger remains unsatisfied.

Young adults too, teenagers who are in the period when they are very curious about sex but are often not having it yet (or can’t find anybody who will agree with have it with them) usually turn to pornography and masturbation to relieve tension. The problem usually is that you don’t learn how to make love from porn. You really won’t. it’s like learning how to be in a relationship from romantic movies. That’s not real life. That’s a distortion of how life really works. Women don’t behave like the porn stars you see.


anyone who is having sex will always want more. that’s normal. that’s not necessarily the definition of addiction. Many people who watch porn are not addicted, actually.


exactly why i said it is sex for the wrong reasons.

@slidesafe you said that it depends on the age and the kind of porn they are watching… pls can you explain the advantages and disadvantages of this statement??

you don’t need porn to want to have sex with someone, actually. urges are completely natural, man. masturbation is the way many people relieve themselves. Porn doesn’t have a lot to do with it. Sure many people who masturbate use porn, but they are mutually exclusive.

as i mentioned in a comment above, children and young adults/adolescents are mostly harmed by exposure to porn. In children, they become more susceptible to abuse (being abused and being abusers themselves). In adolescents, it distorts their impression of healthy sexual relationship

a well-balanced adult is better able to tell entertainment from reality. then again, many grown adults can’t seem to tell the difference. They will have girlfriends, and be expecting them to behave like porn stars. Porn stars are paid to perform. It’s a performance. There’s a lot of editing too. Very little is ‘real’

In my opinion, pornography is harmful… When you get into it, it becomes hard to let go.

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actually, many people who are addicted to porn struggle to having sex with people. They usually get their best satisfaction from masturbating with porn

this is actually incorrect.