Is Sex an expression of love?

You are right in some aspects of this topic, but not in everything. The fact is that it all depends on how important this girl is to a man and sex with her. For example, I had a relationship a year ago and I really loved my girlfriend, and each of us sex meant a lot to both of us, but unfortunately we broke up, and most recently I was in the heart of Spain and ordered an escort from for sex,that I did not treat her with love or trepidation, she was for me only a tool for sex. Despite her beauty and figure, she was an escort girl for an hour . So you are generalizing all men and all situations, but you can’t do that.

uuugh, nice girls :star_struck:

It could be. For some men, it could be just a means of quenching the sexual urge, for women, sex i think is an expression of love.