Is Silent Treatment Effective in a Relationship/Marriage?


Silent Treatment is quite common amongst people in a relationship, couples, and even friends.

Most people do it to have their way with their partner. Others do it as a form of punishment for the offence committed against them.

There are other people that don’t do well with being given the ‘silent treatment’ by their partners. In fact, they might even turn it into a malice battle; waiting for who would talk to whom first.

  1. Are you in the habit of giving silent treatment?
  2. Have you been at the receiving end of silent treatment? If yes, how did you handle it?
  3. Is it a good or bad habit?

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  1. Nope… Can’t kill myself jawe. My fight don’t last a day…(Sometimes i wish it would so i won’t be seen as softie)
  2. Yes, I walked away with my shoulders held high
  3. It’s a childish habit naaa, even kids don’t do that and that will be an insult to them. It’s a bad habit.

Silent treatment is the fastest way to end a relationship


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Confession time!!! I do it mehn but not in a malicious form. Funny enough, I don’t have to wait for who talks first, if it’s eating me much inside, I spit it out. That say that quiet people are dangerous maybe is because of this characteristics. But I don’t do it all the time.
I really don’t like talking much until it’s necessary.


Silent Treatment is an art. If done with loving tact, has a spicing effect. Even when, other favourable variables being present, you break up with someone,it may still work out for you.

Nor is it at all a childish thing in-itself.


No. I actually don’t like it

Yes, I’ve been at the receiving end. It bothered me for sometime but later I became “thick-skinned” against the treatment so tey I didn’t give a shit anymore. Silent treatment doesn’t move me anymore. Give me the silent treatment and I won’t bother giving you ANY treatment (whether silent or loud) in return 'cos then I’d be giving you too much importance. Na you go tire…it took a while before I got to that point though

Very bad habit. It can end a relationship.


So you have passed the stage1, that person should raise level for you to RADIO SILENCE TREATMENT


It won’t move me a bit. I DO NOT GIVE A HOOT anymore. If the person like sef they should be mute and dumb, I don’t care anymore


:joy::joy::joy: please teach me how to have a thick skin mbok

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I’m a naturally quiet and reserved person so I don’t know.


Yes. I have been at the receiving end many times and it hurt badly. In the past, I used to beg and apologize but now I just don’t care.

But generally now, if you give me the silent treatment, I may apologize and try to make peace even if I wasn’t wrong but I may not be interested in the friendship or relationship again.

I’ve spent so much of my life begging people to respond to me and apologizing for what I don’t even know I did wrong all in the name of silent treatment. Ive had enough of it. So if my friend or partner wants to give me silent treatment, I’ll try to make peace and afterwards bade them farewell.


Bad habit. It kills friendships and relationships. Not everyone has the time to wait for you to come around or start begging and pursuing you up and down.






Personally, I don’t know if what I do sometimes counts as Silent Treatment.

When I’m angry, I don’t know how to talk, 'cos I’d just be shaking and wouldn’t be able to form coherent words at that moment.
So, what I do is try to stay calm, ignore who/what triggered it. Try to sleep it out if possible. When I’m more composed, I’d say my mind and make sure we resolve everything there and then.

Sometimes, silent treatment might be advisable in a situation where you feel it might lead to violence.


I agree. Sometimes I keep quiet and walk and stay away so as not to say or do something O will regret later.

But it shouldn’t be for long. Imagine going for 3 weeks or even a month of silent treatment


3 weeks or more?
That’s becoming something else then. It means one is being childish.


I think I now remember once I did it in secondary school. I felt I was always the one talking and sharing things in the friendship. So I decided to withdraw and it developed to silent treatment. And then developed to malice.

At some point, she tried to reconcile and even others tried to bring us back but it didn’t work.

But I later reached out to her and we reconciled. But things have never been the same since then. I still miss that friendship, and I don’t know if that silent treatment ruined everything or distance did.


I’m glad you and @Kiitan are at this stage.


Sounds so me… :blush: