Is Silent Treatment Effective in a Relationship/Marriage?


At last, I’m not alone. :sunglasses:

  1. Nooo. Can’t stay angry for long… No time
  2. Yes… I try to find out what the problem is. If it’s something that can be worked out …cool…if not… C’est fini
  3. Terrible habit…These things make relationships… Friendships …hard…Just say what the problem is and let’s all move on…

  1. No, why should I? I can’t stay angry for long(I won’t even breathe properly). I will tell you.

  2. If it’s a score that can be settled, even if it means to say sorry so that peace will reign, I will. If I can’t do anything about it, then I won’t kill myself for you. It’s a goodbye from me.

  3. I hate silent treatment. It’s either we’re friends or not, don’t leave me hanging on the fence because of your silent treatment. When I stop caring, no matter the shade of the pencil you use, my attention can never be drawn.


Oshey pencil and shade!




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This is not silent treatment.
It is advisable to be quiet in anger.
But since you still clear out the issue with the person, that’s not silent treatment.

Silent treatment means the person will snub you in everything you do. Even hours or weeks after the misunderstanding. Worst form is the ones that won’t even tell you what exactly you did.
You’ll just realise they aren’t picking your calls or replying your text for like a day or two.
Such “wonderful” attitude to display as adults!!!

It breaks friendships
Relationships and even tears down marriages


Anie boo, ngwa bia for a hug! :heart_eyes:


Well, in my opinion silent treatment is malice without bitterness and the motive to harm the other person.

Before going silent on a someone else, you must have been displeased about something and you’re still nursing the grudge that doesn’t mean you’d kill the person if you can (malice) but then you inflict pain without physical bruises.

This is a norm in boarding school, you get ignored till kingdom come and if you happen to have a clique, your entire clique adds their dose of silence too.

Besides, the point of silent treatment is quarreling /punishing your friend or whoever by cutting off communication/access to you . Just so they feel hurt like you’re feeling.

Well, adulthood either helps you outgrow this character or fine tune it this depends on the individual involved.

I have received huge dose of silent treatment and yeah, I served others some of it too but I’ve grown to discuss things that set me off.

P.S Silent treatment is unhealthy especially in marriage, that’s equivalent to mentally cutting off your partner until you have need for him or her besides it can make the other person resort to silent treatment as a solution to some things.


Silent treatment is really bad and I don’t like it. Friendship or marriage, Silent treatment is a bad habit.

If at this our age, I offend you and you can’t open your mouth to tell me, I hope it explodes in your chest.


I can totally relate to this.


Yeah true.

But not everybody is capable of being quiet when angry. Some people lash out immediately, they only keep quiet or walk away after giving the other party their piece of mind.

In the process of talking when angry, they say hurtful things to the other person and when they’re calm, they regret their actions and start apologizing.


I sha love to give a piece of my mind and just forget about the whole issue.
My body is already tiny…no space to be keeping records of wrongs or bitterness or long explanation sef

  1. I tend to keep quiet and ghost people . I’m working on it … Issa Struggle . My ego can be an annoying B* sometimes

  2. Silent treatment is nothing I’ve been blocked and eventually unblocked … Several times … :woman_facepalming:t5:

  3. Depends on the reason for Silence … I’d rather I or my partner go quiet and take some time out rather than say things we will regret and can’t take back …


Valid :ok_hand:


I used to be scared of silence… I still am. I prefer to experience wrath, anger, fury than no emotional response. I like to deal with stuff as they happen and move on; I am Learning to appreciate that we are all wired differently and shouldn’t insist on resolving issues my way. Occasionally, I insist on thrashing stuff immediately if I know it would fester like a sore and ruin any chance of salvaging the relationship, or the other party is looking for an easy way out of having a difficult conversation.


Lol … That is true… We are all wired differently … Personally I know myself very well. My partner needs to understand that I need my space to calm down. If he keeps pushing for us to trash the matter right there and then , Murder will be the case…and he won’t see it coming because I rarely raise my voice when I am angry.

I"ll just be saying calmly, " Leave me alone" " Give a Minute" " I can’t talk right now".

This is how my sister pushed me one time to talk and I ended up throwing a knife at her. :woman_shrugging:


:open_mouth: :scream:


I am kinda like this when I’m angry. So I always need my time alone to process. And apologizing makes it worse. Just leave me alone to myself, then when I’m calm we would talk it out and talk about how that incident should not repeat itself again. My anger scares me so I try not to be pushed to that extreme.