Is there such thing as "Bad Mother"


In my own opinion, There is no such thing as “Bad Mother”. They’re just people and people do a whole variety of things - good, bad and neutral.

A “Bad mother” is just a fantasy and an abstraction. The meaningful question is not " Am I a good or bad mother?" but rather “What are my relative skills and weaknesses and what can I do to improve?” If you can stop punishing yourself with the statement “I am a bad mother”, you will be much better off and you can start working toward helping your child do better as well.

You don’t have to hate your whole self if there is a particular thing you find you dislike about your child. You can try to define that problem and attack that problem and work toward solving it.


There are women that don’t have maternal instincts. Yorubas call it Abiyamo or Itara Omo.
You’d see them behaving as if they were not the ones that gave birth to the child/children.

To answer your question, I think some women can be good women to their friends, husbands and acquaintances but nonchalant towards their children. Some women don’t even like children at all.


Yeah I know people like this…

I was almost like that in my teenage years… I couldn’t stand kids shouting , crying and doing all them rough play…

Now that I am older I can still tolerate the noise to an extent.
But I am not the type to easily jump up to carry any baby I see cos no be all babies I dey carry sef.


I think no matter how terrible anyone is… a woman will still take care of her child… Level of concern just differs.


I also don’t jump to carry all babies. But there’s this feeling you get when you see a child that is being abandoned or neglected by the mother.
You’d begin to wonder if God didn’t see that she wouldn’t be able to take good care of that child before giving her the child.


Irony of life … A ni to lori o ni fila…


This doesn’t make one a bad mother. It’s just like some people don’t really have a desire to be intimate with anyone sexually or emotionally.


I doubt this


Just like we have good and bad children, I believe we also have good and bad mothers.


I believe any mother that treats her child unjustly or unlawfully is worthy to be called “bad mother”, it’s not about the woman thinking she’s good or bad, it’s her acts that proves which one she is.