Is traditional marriage compulsory in Nigeria and is church wedding compulsory for Christians?


Matthew 19:6 says, “And no one should separate a couple that God has joined together.” Is it only in the church that God joins couples?

In Nigeria, we have three legally approved weddings:

  1. Registry marriage often called court marriage. This can either be celebrated in the registry office or in a registered church.
  2. Customary marriage (traditional marriage)
  3. Islamic marriage

However, most people do not regard a couple as married until they have done traditional marriage rites especially paying bride price.

For Christians, most people do not regard a couple as married until they have done church wedding and paid the bride price (and other marriage rites).

Why can’t a couple just do registry marriage alone without having to do traditional marriage?

Registry marriage can be celebrated in the church. Why do couples celebrate registry marriage in the registry and still do church wedding?

Should church marriage be a legally approved marriage (that is stated in the constitution)?

What do you think about the many wedding ceremonies in Nigeria?


I’m just here to monitor anyone that says traditional wedding is not compulsory.I’m compiling a list of all of you so i can goan report you to ya daddy and mommy. Oya …lemme see ya hand.


there’s a post similar to this Traditional, Court Or Church Wedding, Which Is The Proper Way To Get Married?

For me, traditional marriage is the proper way to get married, it’s where all the marriage rites are done.


Traditional marriage is the proper well to be married to me. Every other ceremony is the fun part of the marriage to me and it’s not compulsory. I believe once the both parents and close relations have accepted the two adults and have recognize them as husband and wife,it is done.


Thank you. I didn’t know there was a post on it already. I’m checking out the answers there


I found this blog post very helpful as it answered my questions