It seems Rave by Flutterwave is a Scam?


Hello Everyone!

Sorry, to bother you with my personal problem. I currently secured a writing gig with a firm in Asia and they requested for a payment platform similar to PayPal and they don’t want me to use an international PayPal, like from a country other than Nigeria. As a result, I came across rave by flutterwave and I’ve been receiving payments with the platform from January 2018 and they are yet to credit my local account after a very serious verification process.

Please, who else have used Rave before?
Are they real?
Will I get my Money?


No I doubt this.
We have integrated the platform before.
cc @afolabiabass and @Oluwarufus


Do you know if it works with all Banks in the country. I actually registered my GT bank details and I got a mail that th settlement is being processed for the past 3 weeks. I hope they pay someday.


Hi I reckon payment will be made to you, what is support saying?


They claimed they already made payment or so and I haven’t received any mail or alert from my bank. It’s been over 3 weeks now.


Flutterwave is a scam. I have my money hanging with them for over a week. I have sent them all requested proof and screenshots they needed. Poor customer care as well.


Nah it’s not. They settled me but it took a while though. Keep sending mails


personally i will call them a SCAM can you imagine i have sent countless emails but still my funds are not in my account and just this morning i got several emails claiming they have made payment and nothing showing in my account only two payments came and the rest locked. i wonder if humans are working there. poor poor customer support .i am opting out from there.
if you are planning to use them please dont


Flutterwave is not a scam. I have been using their payment platform for close to a year now and they are really good at what they do. You can reach out to them to address your complaints on twitter @flutterwavehelp or send an email to


Yes, At first I had some crazy experience with my account verification and they delayed my settled too for weeks. But I think recently, great improvements have been made to address their complaince processes, payment settlements and customer experience. Their social media handler isnt bad at all. I usually reach out via @flutterwavehelp on twitter to get things sorted out and they are active 24/7. You should reach out and get your funds.