It's too early to give up - Please don't commit suicide


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ABSU student commits suicide over failure to graduate from optometry department… (Sunday, Feb.18,2018.Kemi Filani’s blog)

UNIBEN Final year computer Engineering student commits suicide… (Sunday, March 11,2018.Daily post)

18 years old girl commits suicide over JAMB score… (Thursday, March 15,2018.Vanguard Newspaper)

Third year physics/Astronomy undergraduate of UNN commits suicide… (Friday, March 16,2018.Premium Times Newspaper)

I don’t know if I was the only one that saw those headlines. What is really happening to our youths? 3 suicide cases in one week,that’s horrible!

I understand many people on the street are going through tough times, emotionally depressed and financially distressed, guilt and grief stricken, jilted and jobless but I want to let you know that taking your life is never the best solution to any problem no matter how irredeemable it may seem.

You are not alone in your struggle.
The truth is that there are certain things that are beyond our control and whatever you are going through may not have even been your fault but with sheer passion, raw determination and persistence, you can come out better.


Winfrey had a dysfunctional childhood, was sexually abused,became a mom at 14 but she chose not to give up and now she is the most influential woman in America, a multimedia mogul worth $2.7billion.

The Harry Potter series wouldn’t have been written if life was fair to J.K Rowling but she was determined to rise from rags to riches against all odds.

How about Stephen Hawking, who was physically challenged but chose to make a huge impact in the world?

You have all it takes to overcome the struggles of life. Being suicidal is never an option regardless of the challenges you’re faced with…It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed, you can rise again if you don’t give up.


There are lives out there waiting for you to touch, souls waiting to be inspired and saved.

Your better days are ahead, you have so much to live for. The world needs you, don’t let a temporary problem make you destroy your whole future.

Forgive and believe in yourself, talk to supportive persons if you feel overwhelmed. You can not afford to be unfair to yourself even if life has been unfair to you.

Tony Robbins was Well beaten And Hurt badly by his mum because she was a drug addict, but today he say" If my Mum had been the mum I had wished for,I wouldn’t have become the man I am today "
Life happens for you and not to you.
Remember,tough circumstances never last but tough people do.
It is too early to give up, Never give up!

P.S: Many people out there are hurting, one word of encouragement can save a soul from suicide.
Keep shining.


Looooooooooooooool… If this girl hear my story before she killed herself, I’m very sure that she will change her mind. I grad frm Sec skool at 2011 and just gained addm into higer Inst last year. I moved to my Grandma side at Akowonjo Ikj, learning Computer Engineering,Hair Dressing and Makeup after i don made up my mind that im not going to skool again after failing jamb 2 times, after that I moved to Osun state to set up myself, living with friends, fast forward to 2016, I went to deliver a laptop that I just repaired for one faculty officer inside iree poly, na so i met one of my classmate (Health prefect) at iree poly, I’m so happy to see dz dude but to my surprise whn i asked him dt, guy na iree u dey? he said, Omo, I just conquer waec ni oo, im here to meet my uncle wey wan help me for the jamb , im like, na only jamb wey dey do me yanga since na,. Instantly, i went on to obtain my jamb form the following day and i dont even have the time to read, just went to the exam hall,did the English and Econs with confidence and put others into God’s hand. Loool, to my surprise, I scored 210… I no even bliv ham bcos i just try my luck and now skool don dey tire me like make i see prsn wey fit help me complete ham ni :joy::joy::joy: … Sometimes whn im inside class, i always feel like…ebi yin ko, emi ti mo n waste time ara mi ni :grin::laughing: School no even guarantee money, i swear. :grin:



School doesn’t define you, it only helps you gain knowledge of some things.


If only it was that easy to keep holding on to things.
I’d rather encourage more mental health awareness on the part of the society and parents and teaching young people how to handle failure (I’m afraid most of them can’t handle failure and they are used to competition and there so many babies in universities).
However, you made a good point of people looking at the brighter side of life.
Lastly, if you are going through anything; speak up(I know it’s not as easy as we say it).


Guy,inasmuch as I get what you mean; your story is your story.
I doubt your story would I’ve made much impact on her decision because she must have heard a lot and we can’t tell exactly where it hurts him/her even if we’ve had similar experiences with jamb.
I’m in no way condoning suicide but just saying it as it is and I’ve had a cousin try to do the story telling thing but mehn, that didn’t encourage me in anyway.

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Except for psychotic people, anyone that commits suicide is selfish and wicked. How could you not think of your family and friends, how much their hearts could be broken by your singular act. Rubbish!


If only a depressed person going into suicide can think of that.

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Just my thought: I think suicide (in this case) is as a result of depression and one thing that leads to depression is over-thinking. The best way to ‘stop’ overthinking is to share your thoughts with someone (you can trust). No matter what is bothering you, if it gets to the point where you know it is leading somewhere else, find someone to talk to, rant about it or something…
On the other hand also, i like reaching out to friends to check on them, just to see how they are faring. you don’t know if your call or text might save a life


calm down… nobody just wakes up one morning and decide to commit suicide.

They must have thought about it severally. That’s why it’s important for them to speak up. However, a lot of persons don’t speak up for the fear of being judged, ignored, etc.

So, in this case, even if not for anyone, but for the sake of my family, nobody should commit suicide. It doesn’t solve anything.

I’ve been depressed once and I know it’s not easy. I tried to speak to some friends, but some ignored and some couldn’t get the I’m not fine look.

Oh, yeah, I smile a lot especially when I’m outside, but if a friend really asked how are you, not for asking sake but because he really wants to know how I am, then I would let the windows of tears pour down like rain.

I didn’t commit suicide because I can’t even think of that. Me wey like life. Not everyone has the spirit to hold on strong, some persons give up easily.

Thank God for my family and one or two friends that were very observant to observe someone like me. Thus, I overcame the depression within few months, and others said sorry in arrears obviously when it became one of those stories I told. I shaa don’t like sympathy.

I still can’t commit suicide, no matter what. I believe when there is life, there’s hope.

Then, my personal watchword was, When God is your reason to live, then you have no reason to quit.

I wrote articles on disappoints, caring about people, etc. I became my personal therapist too. I chose to be happy.

Instead of lashing out on those that commit suicide, why not be a friend whose shoulders are wide and strong enough to be leaned on. Those who are dead can’t be brought back to life, but those alive can still be helped.

Some persons don’t walk up to you to start narrating how they are depressed unless you show that you care.


Sometimes mild words like yours aids suicidal people, when you say it’s not easy for them to cope, if only a depressed person can think about what you’re saying in their depression, let’s cut the crap; suicidal peeps don’t need butter talk. Depression doesn’t take away conscience or memories from you, everyone at some point in their lives faces depression, and you’d not tell me your love for your mother or whoever you care for was blanked out. Taking that decision to end your life is wicked, only a mentally imbalanced person would be excused because he/she is deranged, with a distorted view of reality.

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I see suicide as selfishness too. I mean, only thinking of how my family would feel sef keeps me going in life.

I have to make them proud, and I can only do that when I’m alive.

Suicide should never be an option.

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Friends come and go, but family stays.

Some friends only enjoy it when you are the one caring and asking all the caring questions, most of them don’t bother reciprocating. It’s not like you care because you expect something in return, but we are human beings and we have our worst moments.

You can’t tell me you are always fine. Sometimes I go as far as asking, are you sure???

I’ve learnt not to expect much from people.


Lol, love and care for family ke.
When you are in a dark corner thatevery iota of positive feeling is gone; I won’t go into too much detail.
Let’s know people are very different, how they snap out of things as well.
I’m not in anyway supporting suicide/ will never; all I’m saying is for us to look at the underlying problem which is depression.
Someone said up there is overthinking,I laugh in French :joy::joy::joy:; I’m not a clinician Abeg to go into deets for differences between worrying/overthinking and depression.

Take home message :blush:: let’s look out for one another

So, how do you talk to them?
Using the typical Nigerian tone of comparing suffering; as far as I’m concerned, those are vulnerable people and that gragra naija tone no dey work for everything.
But I get what you mean, they have to know the truth.

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She may be thinking that everyone would all be better off without her and we don’t even know if they have threatened her that if she failed…We are stronger than each other when it comes to the way we think.


Exactly. People talk as if it’s that easy.

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What of people that don’t have friends and family?

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