It's too early to give up - Please don't commit suicide

So it’s your harsh words that will save them.

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I understand you bro, shame on such parents that make their child feel that much hurt. But if your parents are that beasty,what about that fine girl or handsome dude that you too share something special? Shouldn’t that feeling conquer suicide thoughts for you? ; in my own chapter I so love myself that I can stay alone for days and not feel lonely, whether dating or not I feel complete and powerful by myself. In all situations I love life and I choose to be happy. If you find yourself depressed just determine to kill it, don’t enjoy it by lounging in it , break it or it breaks you.

Plix how is somebody alive not have family and friends? Even people in orphanage homes have some adults and age mates that are now family and friends. If at the end of the day there’s neither anyone that cares for you nor you care about then kukuma kee yasef :joy::joy::joy:

This is not funny. Like how does someone laugh at such a sensitive issue.

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Don’t forget my perception varies from yours when it comes to suicide, you believe they need petting but I see it as a selfish and wicked act, so I have the liberty to laugh here. :grinning:

I could remember vividly last year I was really bothered,so disturb that I hated myself then because everything wasn’t fine for me…I called my younger sister and told her I can keep living with all this happening around me,then I wished I could just die and forget about everything going on.My sister cried and told me not to cos no one was close to me and I shouldn’t think of negative things. Now am thankful to God Almighty cos really we all pass through different things in life but never option for suicide but pave way for happiness.


it is a sad case when you think of it…
I always say, find a reason to move and continue trying…
try, fail and fail better till you get it.

Let us be factual, there will be times when no one understands you, even your family and best friends will seem far off… at that point, it is even strangers that will be your sounding board. The secret is go out of your comfort zone and you will realize that your story/suffering is not the worst…
The first cure is self love… we should teach kids and youths from a tender age to love themselves, yearn to be better and this will go a long way in helping them overcome depression and suicide…

very true…
many times you encourage people without knowing.
in your church, school, office, street, people look out for you for something; it could be your smile or greeting or even dress sense…

Dealing with depression is hard, it is a feeling of loss, self worthlessness and indescribable grief. Love conquers all things (the Bible didn’t lie).



Suicide? I am scared of injection to talk of suicide. I have not seen that frustration or depression that will make me commit suicide.
Ordinary stomach pains sef I will start shouting “Lord! I don’t want to die! Forgive me for all my sins! I still have work to do on earth! Save me Lord!” somebody will now come and be saying suicide, story, no be me. :roll_eyes:


May we not get to the point of brokenness such that words of encouragement loss their potency.

However, we still have to keep staying postive and doing the little we can to make affected people see the positives in thier negative situations.




Amen Amen Amen.

So many are suffering and smiling.

Let’s not be quick to hang in the towel. We will still die someday, so please don’t take your life by yourself.

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No be you, my sister. There’s a need to always be strong, no matter what life throws at you.


I don’t think anyone committing suicidal is wicked…to be sincere it happens to a lot of people with the current situation of our country and most times the only way out is talking to someone…


I believe everyone is alone in his struggle. The only way to show people that they are not alone is to be there for them, support and care for them. Overall I am saying Mentorship.

Times are hard, alot of the young ones coming up have no clue how to handle stress, depression etc. Most them are going with the tide of whats trending and no real definition of their lives. I am not perfect, however how far I have come is largely dependent on the mentorship i got through my mentor when I was in primary and secondary school.

This is a wake-up call to everyone to make an impact in their environment. People are dying in silence. Pls, reach out to someone. You just might be seeing them for the last time.

I failed to reach out to a young lady the last week in December of 2017 and by the second week in January of 2018, she was no more. Don’t be like me and wait till its comfortable.

Reach out… #Anticipate #PluginMentorship


Wow! This must have hurt.

Let me quickly reach out to my friend. I’ve been too busy to do this and sometimes having a suicidal and depressed friend could be emotionally draining because you would feel like you’re walking on egg shells around them.

The best way to help them is to make them see reasons why they need to be strong on their own and pray for them.


Indeed… It was a painful experience that I don’t intend to go through again.