It's World Diabetes Day Today


Diabetes is a dangerous disease which can lead to an increase in glucose level in the blood. Though, with a proper diet and lifestyle change one can keep the blood sugar level under control.


Diabetes is spreading its wings to include about a quarter of 15 million cases of diabetes in Africa.

This serious disease expose patient to several other complications and could shorten life span.
What’s more scary is that it often goes undiagnosed and many are unaware of it’s long term implications.

About 80 percent of diabetic patient die of cardiovascular complications raging from stroke, Myocardial infraction and kidney failure.

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates that approximately five million people die each year as a consequence of the disease.

Diabetes is the general term used for a condition that leads to an increase in glucose levels in the blood. It occurs when the pancreas is either unable to make sufficient amounts of insulin, or the insulin produced does not act properly (a condition known as insulin resistance). But, with a proper diet and lifestyle change, one can control the disease.

World Diabetes Day is observed on every November 14 to raise awareness.
Here are some important and key factors that you need to take care of so as to stop it from being fatal.

  • Family History: Knowing your family history goes a long way in preventing or watching against Diabetes.
    You inherit a predisposition to the condition and then something in your environment triggers it, especially if there is a history of obesity. Also Type 2 diabetes has a stronger connection to family history and lineage than type 1, however, with proper diagnosis on time it can be kept under control.

  • Lifestyles Modification: Habits like eating more junk and fatty food, aerated drinks, and erratic meal all contribute towards the risk of having diabetes.
    Also every extra hour of sitting increases risk of having diabetes by a fifth, warns the doctor. So, by an intensive lifestyle modification, adopting of healthy diets and increased physical activity, type 2 diabetes can be prevented.

  • Regular Exercise: Daily exercise for about 30 minutes is essential to your health. This could be a brisk walk, Yoga

  • Regular Checkups:Regular blood sugar monitoring, a review check-up with your doctors at regular intervals is essential.


Diabetes are majorly suffered by older people right?

cc: @amakaanne @Kiitan


Younger people have it too. It also depends on the type of diabetes.


Are there different types?


Yes Ma, there are different types. The three major ones are Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and Gestational diabetes. There are other subtypes though but the above are the three major ones. Most children are affected by Type 1 but nowadays, even Type 2 affects children and young adults. Diabetes no get age restriction again. Although, some types are more common to particular age groups. Gestational diabetes is the type that develops during pregnancy. Some women go back to their normal state before the pregnancy and some remain diabetic even after giving birth.


Please what are the kinda classes of food one can eat to avoid it.


It’s not like there are some particular foods that should be eaten to ‘avoid’ having diabetes. Diabetes mellitus could occur as a result of insulin insufficiency or as a result of the receptors not being responsive to insulin (insulin resistance). It’s only after the condition has developed that doctors advice that the individual should take less of some particular meals like foods containing a high refined sugar, soft drinks, foods with a high cholesterol content, alcohol, white rice, brown rice is adviced to white, etc. Also, a reduction in weight would go a long way to help a diabetic individual. I think @abnetz and @amakaanne (seems she’s practicing) can provide more info on this. :ok_hand:


@kitanb hit all the nails on the head.

Let me just add that since we’re taking prevention of diabetes I have to stress that LIFESTYLE MODOFICATION is the mainstay of prevention i.e. Not just your dietary habits but also your approach to exercise and even your thought process ( I like to add this as a personal part of lifestyle modification ) as well.

The PRIMARY risk factor of diabetes (specifically type 2) is OBESITY i.e. Being over the normal Body Mass Index (not just being chubby lots of people don’t get this) and the recommendation is maintaining a healthy weight and at least 150 mins of exercise weekly

Knowing your genetics also helps i.e. If you have a parent or direct relative with diabetes you have a higher tendency to have diabetes than someone with no relatives with diabetes.


This risk factor especially :ok_hand:
Thank you.


What’s the healthy weight that is expected?


Hmmmm… Wow! Never knew this has to do with a blood line…

What about cancer? I heard of a lady that her grandmother and mother died from breast cancer and she is presently a survivor.

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Yes, cancer can be genetic. Take breast cancer for example, if an individual has BRCA 2 gene (responsible for breast cancer) in her chromosome and passes this on to her offsprings, there’s the possibility that some would develop breast cancer.


BMI greater than 30KG/M^2 is considered as obesity


Hmmm… Thanks o… Didn’t know all of this…


But what if its been treated and they survive, is there still possibility that it will continue in that blood line?


It’s the cancer that’s treated not that the gene is removed. So yes, it can still be passed on.


What you must eat?

  1. Nothing. You mustn’t eat always…do intermittent fasting…
  2. Eat no/low carbo and high fat & high protein
  3. Not even all fruits you can eat
    You already know to avoid sugary things


You’ve actually explained well.

Sugar sugar sugar! Funny how the everyday food in Nigeria contains sugar.




My brother, we don’t even know what Nigerian food to eat that has no sugar