Ladies, If Your Fiance Wears This To Your House, What Would You Do?



If your daughter/ sister’s fiance takes this type of shoe to your house, what would you do??



My fiance can’t wear this, so I won’t bother assuming.


God forbid! When that is not the first day I am meeting him.


lol… why is she shouting? :rofl::rofl::rofl:



Things can’t be that bad to be rocking that kind of thing. That shoe is an eyesore.


Really an eyesore, my dear. I can’t assume this kind of thing abeg.




He can’t self :joy:
I’m so sure he has a thing for SHOES

Next question, please




first of all he must have been wearing that design of shoes before he proposed to the fiancee(girl), that is why he can wear it to her house.
bikonu see ya.


That man has a bow leg… Hmmm… Spri kakikik jigijigi




I guess only a girl that is a very local illiterate could have such a man as a fiance and not mind that he’s an embodiment of embarrassment.


Lol. That’s a Sh the ‘oe’ is gone menh


Lol… Bring back the ‘oe’