Ladies, What do you really want?


I one time went to a wedding reception with my ex sometime ago. I was one of the groomsmen. We both came out of the same cab… (I didn’t hold hands) looked for a seat for her (left her and get on with my duties as groomsmen) in between the party she was by herself. I even made sure food and drinks gets gets to her. Still gave her intentional stares from afar to spark smting up (she wasn’t feeling it). Hustled for umbrellas, bowl, bucket, tray souvenirs for her. Took some pics with her. But later went with the guys (groomswork).

Still…can u imagine after everything. She told me I wasn’t a good host (No b me dey do wedding) that I didn’t hold her hands while coming, I didn’t stay with her. She was just not loving me that day. She was acting all up and as if something was eating her up.

I don’t get it. What do you ladies really want? I am still as confused as a mthrfuckr.

What did I do wrong?




She wanted more of the romantic moves​:grinning::grinning:


I’m here to read the comments


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I have popcorn, please buy coke.



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TBH I think a lot of we ladies act based on a complied grievance, she’s probably feeling that way as a result of an unresolved issue you both have had. But not to say am supporting that kind of petty behaviour( cause it’s obviously petty) I just think something else is getting her paranoid. Well if there’s nothing else prior then, then my brother her case was critical :joy::joy: maybe she needed assurance :thinking::joy::joy::joy:


Shift for me let me join in on the comments :joy::joy::joy:, the popcorn still remain?


erm… well…you know how these things can be…
weddings can be funny and it is hard to go to a wedding where you know no one and you are all alone with no one to talk to… at the same time, as a groomsman yo have a lot of duties and running around to do.
Truly i cannot fault either of you just that i will ask for understanding during such outings…


Yes o… You are welcome.




Every lady who agrees to be in a relationship with a man, she needs certain assurances to make that relationship worthwhile or else doubts might begin to creep in. I know that for sure. But honestly nothing is assured. But Ladies should stop looking for it. (davido comma and see what you have caused). The basic assurance every lady needs from her man is: ASSURANCE OF NOT GETTING TIRED, ASSURANCE OF HAPPINESS, ASSURANCE OF LOVE, ASSURANCE NOT TO HURT, ASSURANCE OF CARE and ASSURANCE OF VALUE and NO LIES…



Really… I heard that the Romantic Side of an Average Nigerian Man has reduced by 30% due to the Country’s Hardship and Economic Meltdown…


Yeah obviously




Guy… She wants you to put a ring on it.


I agree with you on the basic assurance. Nothing beats that. Sure you know i was only messing around with what I meant as assurance :joy::joy::joy:




You tried too hard… Man… It’s almost impossible to please someone who operates mostly from the emotional side of the world and shun logic… You were being logical… She - emotional…