Last Word Game


Start a sentence with the last word of the person before you. On and on, the cycle goes.

Let's play a game

I love this, me and bae… tchai… Lemme start please… Fizz


Fizz, and other feelings of excitement was far from me today as I pondered about life and the worth of our existence.


Existence is when you forget to really live and enjoy every moment instead of recreating beautiful memories with people we love because life is too short


Short people are alleged to be down to earth.


Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the only object in the Universe known to harbor life.


Life is more than working, it is enjoying and savoring the happy moments it brings.


Brings the food flask to her, only to realize it’s the wrong one.


One thing I cherish most in life is healthy relationship with people.


People skills is a must have, if you must transcend into the upper echelons of your desired career


Career opportunities begins with self love, self confidence and personal development.

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Development of roads is one thing Government needs to do more


More good people is what we need in Nigeria so we can have the country of our dreams


Dreams are sometimes a product of our thoughts.


thoughts, an action begins with a thought, no matter how minute said thought is.


Is, Issokay :joy::joy::joy:


Issokay is issokay :joy::joy:


Issokay is not an English word


Words can either kill or heal; they can give life to thoughts and blood to knives


Words cannot explain the violence that man wrought on night of long knives.