Last Word Game


Honestly honestly :joy::joy::joy:
Yes I’ve been super busy.

I’ll probably give a discount code for Zegisters by month end. Let me see how it goes


Too much juice, too much sauce :notes::notes:


:notes::notes::notes: is life… I love music it keeps me going


Going to where and at what speed?


Speed is distance over time


Time proves the fake friends always


Always be grateful for the true ones and treat them right


Right is the opposite of left as well as wrong.


Wrong assumptions kill a relationship faster than HIV kills a man


Man, spot on!


On the other hand, hiv doesn’t kill. AIDS does. @Kiitan @abnetz hope I’m right




:100: ? It’s a last word game! I think you were supposed to start your sentence with the word RIGHT. Isn’t that right?


Right on course !!


course like biology was not my favorite in school; maybe that’s why I don’t know the difference between HIV and AIDS… @Aniekan thank you so much for the correction. Now, focus on the message.


Message that contains ‘xup, elo bby, aw r u duin etc’ , how do they type that and patiently expect to be replied?? :confused:


Replied? Nah i don’t take people who abbreviate that way so serious… I just ignore or politely ask them to type in full going forward


Forward ever, Backward Never!!! That’s my 2017 rule.


rule one of conversing. If the person doesn’t abbreviate, don’t too. If you abbreviate and the person replies in full, use your sense. That’s why God gave you!!


You are so funny :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: