Last Word Game


Jare is not an english word.


Word puzzles are brain racking, but this last word thing is a wonder. it is never ever gonna end.


End ke? We started from the bottom and now we’re at 743, like play like play.


Play on a thread i just made 744

  1. That’s a wow number!


Number one rule; Be Happy


Happy people, no one can stop our shine


Shine bright like a diamond


Diamond, just like this thread. They last forever.


Forever a family


Family is Zegist!


Zegist was dull this weekend. Like you all are on the run with Nnamdi Kanu


Kanu Nwankwo is indeed a legend


Legend of the seeker. Who saw that movie series till the end?


End of the matter.


Matters arising by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo of DCC who wants it


It is going to be a great week


Week rolling into a month and before you know it, a year has gone.


Gone are the days when owu dey worry me :man_dancing:t6:


Me is thinking if you really mean ‘owu’ as in jealousy?