Last Word Game


Jealousy was not initially what I meant. Now that I think of it, perhaps, may I claim that meaning too.


Too ambiguous then? Well, if i may ask…what’s the owu you meant?


Meant means?


Means u should explain the ‘owu’ u’re talking about,is it hunger or jealousy?


Means -what was the initial ‘owu’ you had in mind apart from the jealousy I thought you meant?


Meant both. You and @judy will surely save me since the meaning is twofold and you are two


Two of us, really? You’re one hell of a Zegister :smirk:


Zegisters should come aid me! What wrong did I do? See, you are jealous


Jealous ko,jealous ni :smirk:


Ni is a Yoruba word I guess


Guess all u want, it can mean a lot of things to a lot of people just as “owu” means different things. That is the power of languages.


Languages of the world… ‘Owu’ means being broke though


Though i thought this was only going to be a short thread, it turned out to be more than i expected…


Expected the expectations of the expected to be more than expected… Now, that’s dry. :tired_face: #dryjokemonday


#dryjokemonday there should be a thread for this.

To spice up ugly Mondays


Mondays are my favorite and best days


Days like this got me wondering about a lot


Lot of things on my mind…


Mind over matter…


Matter is when you give a printing press something in blue to print and they give you an output with black color instead; as if i did not see the black before using blue :confounded: