Last Word Game


Ahead lies the greater blessings @Aniekan… We love you sweetheart.


Sweetheart of life! they say joy comes in small bundles and power in petite doses. May all your dreams come true, let your light shine forth as you enter a realm of possible impossibilities. Happy Birthday @Aniekan


@Aniekan has got hold of this last word game today… Wow…

It feeels like Christmas today because its her birthday… Na wa o… She’s a celebrity…


Celebrity of Zegist today :raised_hands:
We are really creative. Bravo :clap: :ok_hand:


Bravo! Encravo! I’m sure we made her feel loved. Well done guys!!


Guys I’m out of words. You guys are amazing. I was literally blown away. I love my Zegist fam


Fam is family, fam is friendship, fam is love. We, especially @theunofficialomotayo, love you too darling. Hope you had a blast!



What’s love if we can’t be there for someone when they need us most. If distance wouldn’t allow us give a hug, then our words could be a messenger that delivers hugs in letters made up of choice letters from the English alphabet.


Ayee!!! Epistle of life :raised_hands:


Blast is an understatement, I can’t find a suitable word sef. I’m yet to fully recover.


Lol…why are u like this?


This people sef, your DNA is correct


Correct me when i’m wrong and i’ll love you forever.


Forever is a long time, but We gon’ be alright


Alright! I think I just looked closely at this thread and understood it. Am I late for the party or is the jollof just about to be served?


Served with better smoothie to step it down.


Down, down, down, get in the groove. Konko below


Below are the names of those that made the zegist list of 2017


2017 so far, has been a lit year for me!


Me and you have got a thing in common: We’re both pretty and smart…