Last Word Game


Deliberately, i am ensuring that i keep to the rules of this thread by replying @Dignity after replying @Drew


@drew is @NaijaLander 's bae to be. Dunno why he is dulling sef and by the @dignity I was held down in traffic. I followed service online.


Online friends can be super cool sometimes.


Sometimes i just can’t relate with how they think…


Think ke? Are they not human like u? I have more online friends than real life friends oh


Oh really? Same here… especially from Zegist.


zegist mentioned at this point? i think we should use it to draw the curtains close on this thread :roll_eyes:


Thread bawo? No way :roll_eyes: Ain’t no curtains to be drawn, we shall continue with it till we are tired :smirk:


tired as tired can be right now… Hello, It’s Friday the 13th!!!


13th!!! your best position in class


Class of 13, that’s a classic fail. :joy::joy::joy:


Fail? or classic fall?


Fall?! Its not just ordinary fall but the fall of life. Issa threading fail


Fail to plan, Plan to Fail. My advice … Easy oo Jeje.


Jeje is not an English word.
I think it’s more of pidgin


Pidgin? No it is a Yoruba word which means easy


This isn’t part of the game…but wow! I never knew :blush:
@W.O you didn’t teach me this one o. Fake teacher.

P.s: anytime I type your username, I start singing Olamide’s song (Wo) in my head. :joy::joy:


Easy words in Yoruba that I never learnt


learnt is the past tense of learn even in Anang :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Anang, if it is a language, must be easy to learn for English speakers