Last Word Game


Speakers earn big bucks nowadays, especially motivational speakers…


Speakers likes Lai Baba, thanks to them, the audience atimes never knows black from white


White lie or blue lie, lie na lie


Lie beside me and tell me what you’re thinking :relaxed::star_struck:


Thinking of you gives me goosebumps…


Goosebumps I get on my body, each time the Air-Con is too high.


High like the towel of Babel that’s how my love is to you…


You can’t make the love higher than that, I shall must love and will


Will anybody die for love in this century?


century ko, decade ni? The only love somebody can die for is the love of the children jawe… By the way, why die for somebody that will meet the new spouse at your burial?


Burials in the Southeast are profitable ventures.


‘Ventures’ a word synonymous with Igbo peeps (no offence pls if you’re Igbo) Chisom and Son ventures. Cracks me up!!!


Up hill battle, I look good when I climb :notes:… The remaining parts, I just chew my mouth!


mouth! Pictures don’t lie… Yours is pretty


Pretty girls are intelligent too.


Too many people use the word love, but they don’t know what it means. I’m glad I found intelligence in you… Yes You!!


You make me smile a lot.


Lot is the cousin to Abraham right? His wife was turned into salt we use today #lmao


Lmao is one slang I don’t feel comfortable using when chatting with my mum.


Mum! Mum! Mum!..She shouted as she ran to the direction she thought she saw her mum went towards.