Last Word Game


Towards the end of the month, people are usually very broke


Broke is an understatement in some situations. Still thinking of the right words


Words can’t describe how broke I am…but I am rich so rich


Rich people are mostly proud…but i want to be a very rich woman tho…


Though you may be right but I don’t concur with the part of rich people being proud, I’ll just say they are classy


Classy people have got more than just class…


Class means different things to different folks.
So can you explain what you mean


Mean is the average of the numbers in a statistical data.


Data is pretty expensive these days especially with 9mobile.


9mobile charges 10 naira for you to transfer credit to somebody again. Those guys are becoming rip offs!!


Offs!!! You can’t compare them to annoying MTN that can’t help someone manage data sef, Airtel is worst cos for some days couldn’t browse cos of their messed up network and subscribe with MTN that lasted for days not even a week sef.


Sef! How did that word ever come into existence?


Existence is the state of being alive or being real.


Real G’s got each others back


Back is another word for reverse


Reverse back… There might be danger ahead.


Ahead of everything…I am walking


Walking on water is one of Mali’s music dope single track


Track: its a dope single by Mali music titled walking on water


Water, water everywhere but none to drink: This was a test in my 400 level environmental chemistry.
In other news, we have pulled off 1000 consecutive replies to the Last word game.