Last Word Game



:star_struck: I am blushing.Thanks to you guys for not making the thread boring.

@pretyprexy :heart_eyes: :joy: let the sliding games begin yo


Yo! You’ve jxt given the consent to slide.:rofl:


Slide at your own risk with your safety gears on


On with it then, you never know what the outcome would be.


Be quiet and let concentration come to me from all angles


Angle 180 degrees


degrees have become useless, it’s more about what you can do than what the paper says, nevertheless the papers grants you the interview and what you know secures the job!


Job well done people! What a great thread


Thread dat can’t end


End it won’t!


Won’t you be kind to your servant and aid me? You are my last resort, master.


Master of which kingdom? Hmmm… :no_good_man:t5:


Hmmmm so many things on my mind, money tops all.


All of my friends have got to succeed in life… There’s nothing like having successful friends to roll with…


…and the last surviving man heard a knock on his door. Who could that be?


Be that person that puts a lasting smile on people’s faces.


Faces filled with smiles gladdens my heart… I couldn’t wish for any better…


Better than a dead lion is a living dog.


Dog is a domestic animal but no friend of me, it has almost bite me before.


Before you speak out, think and choose your words wisely