Last Word Game


Wisely stated. Weldon guys


Guys! Come on when do we round up this thread?


Thread with no virus found, why should we end it?


It is the same question i was about to ask. Why?


Why is tomorrow monday? Can the weekend just repeat itself, I’m not sure I quite had it.


It is something I would wish God considered. The ability to rewind weekends. Because I came to work with heavy eyes. I need sleep


Sleep that I just woke up from feeling scared, I don’t want to sleep alone


Alone with my thoughts, I’ve had enough sleep for today


Today lines are falling in pleasant places, keep your head up high and experience the goodness today has in stock for you.


You will never lack anything and nothing shall come near us cos we have a Master who conquers all


All of my praise goes to God almighty for his faithfulness and love towards me and my family…


My family hmmmm they have been supportive for some months now, maybe I was just too stubborn and blind to see it from the start. All thanks to God


God is everything to me.


Me and you forever baby


Baby never compare their prime to your process; it’s the root cause of depression.


Depression is a big disease, it kills slowly. It makes you forget everything in a flash but at the end, it ain’t worth anything


Anything that cost you your Joy and makes you become bitter about you or anyone else is demonic. Quit serving such.


Such thing ain’t worth stealing your happiness


Happiness; to be happy is the ultimate purpose of human action. However, humans differ on how to attain this state


State your age and sex, are you male or female or in-between? :joy::joy: