Last Word Game


In-between worm and God lies man


Man change this your profile picture…sometimes I feel you are boborisky


Bobrisky is becoming a role model to some people o whether we believe it or not.


Not funny! This unfair comparison with Bobrisky @pretyprexy @Ms_aijohi


@Ms_aijohi said it first o, i only responded… So can you sha post a new picture?


pictures used to be a representative of the real you till editing and photo-shop came into the picture


Picture is in an advance stage na…@valkyr and @pretyprexy please don’t call my name again oo


oo you’re trying to run away from your own words again abi? :joy::joy:


abi oo!


Ooh Lawd :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: I did not say anything


Anything u say again would be used against u in the court of law :joy::joy:


Law that has no backing from everywhere… :rofl::rofl:


Everywhere I turn, I always feel God’s presence with me,he never leaves me stranded.


Stranded means being alone with no help from anyone… Right?


Right! And that’s the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone.


Anyone feeling bored like me and have you noticed that the first page of a blog is all about killing, death, scandal and more. I am not understanding it at all.


All of October 2017 is going down tonight and by tomorrow, it’ll all be history.


History will record November but I pray there won’t be war during the Abia Governorship Election


Election for Abia state is not taking place next month but that of Anambra.


Anambra sorry I was doubting it sha but still praying no war