Last Word Game


War never ends well. Lord we pray for golden peace all over the land, let all men dwell in unity, working hand in hand.


Hand of God should be upon everyone cos things I read on blogs ain’t making me feel safe even Rape now is not sth to hide again.


Again and again, i have said it… The punishment for rape should be death by hanging or the new device Rapex


Rapex is the good but what if, there are so many guys waiting to their turn on the lady. I want to know if more than one Rapex device can be inserted.


Inserted? What’s this rapex thing about anyway?


Anyway I think this thread is beginning to die slowly… Where is everyone? @oluwakemisola @Kachie @fola @Valkyr @Kiitan @Peacehoney @maikel_Coker @Mopelola_Ariyo @Ms_aijohi @theunofficialomotayo @evansakanno @Bamidele_Abodunrin @Nire @Faithola @Drew @boluakindele @iamtosyne


Everyone has been doing lowkey something. Trying to double up as Christmas is around the corner!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Corner abi one corner? I miss them…


Them… themselves, ourselves and all the selves that you know, we miss you too


Too much of everything is bad. But there should be some things should be good when used on an overdose.


Overdose is the ingestion of an extremely high/toxic amount of a substance that could lead to a loss of bodily function and structure. If condition isn’t corrected on time, last last, man go die. Then, #manisnothot :roll_eyes:


:roll_eyes: ooooh lawd, I can’t believe I stayed away for that long


Long my friend is an understatement, you’ve been away for close to a lifetime :sunglasses:


Lifetime? It sure has been awhile.


Awhile ke? This thread cannot die o, lemme get petrol and kerosene


Kerosene is said to be derived from the Greek word keros which translates to wax. If anyone had asked me this few days back, I wud av sworn it was from Oshogbo


Oshogbo is the capital of Osun


Osun state is one of the 36 states we have in Nigeria.


Nigeria is the best country to live in.


In between living in Nigeria and living in America please which one would you choose?