Last Word Game


Choose? Hmmmm! After considering so many issues, America (Fatherland sorry o) it is.


Is it not @pretyprexy that said Nigeria is the best country to live in? Let her come and answer.


Answer it first na… I love my country so much.


Answer is obvious enough, If you ask me, I’ll choose Canada our Nigerian for obvious reason.


so much you can give your life for it? You really are a patriotic Nigerian


Nigerian that’ll give her life for her country. @pretyprexy I hail you.


You all have spoken with bias. I support @pretyprexy. She means she can go out and better herself then come back to helep this country


Country like Nigeria and her issues are now on a mute level for me.What I don’t know cannot kill me.


Me that I’ll soon pack my bags and go, na small remain, Nigeria cannot coman kee me with wahala abeg


Abeg calm down na :rofl: Has it gotten to that level?


Level that we’ve gotten to now, I’ll jxt have to respond to my own comment.:smirk:


Comment tu a pe, Wande Coal, Mister Flavour Eh!


Eh! You say? I no hear you well, wetin you talk?


Talk like a winner


Winners never quit and quitters never win.


Win win win no matter what, I got money on my mind I could never get enough,and every time I step up in the building everybody’s hands go up!!!


Up i go,
I go up
If i go up
We go up…


Up I go? Girl u just reminded me of queen premier :joy::joy::joy:


Premier soap?


Soap? The book was a must read then!! Gosh, singing those rhymes