Last Word Game


Iyawo mi, ololufe mi, oremi alayo mi, I will love you forever…Timi Dakolo sang it.


it was the same song I sang the day I met her


Her? Who’s ‘her’? U’re cheating on me abi?


Abi you did not see it from the beginning shey that he was cheating. Didn’t I warn you (in jenifa’ voice).
He haf carry his heart to dash someone… Men Oh Men


Men are scum, most women will say, meanwhile they always know what they’re getting themselves into in most cases, fooling themselves with “he’ll change” phrase Shine your eyes well and watch well before you jump into that relationship.


Relationship is a phenomenal experience that shakes you up and makes women think of men as scum even when you ain’t cheating. It’s also a time for daleru like @Ms_aijohi to keep causing havoc cause @judy can not bring herself to trust that the “her” I was referring to was actually “her”.


Her mind is so strong and made up


Up and down they go. Creating rumours of heartbreaks caused by men. @Ms_aijohi Better leave us alone


Alone in my thoughts laughing at you all. Remember the saying, that what an old person will see while sitting down, a child would climb an iroko tree and never see it. Be warned!


Warned! Heeheee pls continue the wise sayings o ye great daughter of Shakespeare.


Shakespeare was a real time lover writing books like Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth and some other books I’ve read but can’t remember.


Remember to forget the past


Past shouldn’t dare come to play in my future


Future is relative! Relative is …


is the term used to describe someone who is in the same blood line with me…


Me is also known as I…I am fearless


Fearless is a term that would be tested when you come in contact with death


Death is something i don’t fear, 'cos I’ve got it in my pouch i.e anikulapo


Anikulapo…is that an English word or a traditional name?


Name whose composition is Yoruba so it’s traditional.