Last Word Game


Traditional or English name, all na name


Name your Zegist crush people! Esp @maikel_Coker @W.O @abnetz @Ms_aijohi @oluwakemisola @pretyprexy @aniekan @aje


@aje Zegist crush plenty o. @Kachie @Opetunde @Aniekan… Meanwhile @fola has left crush to elevated Sisterly mama…:grin: and @pretyprexy is Dopest Paddy!!


@aje come and answer your name


“Name your zegist crush” should be another zegist thread (@Valkyr don’t comman spoil this thread jor :tired_face:)


Jor oh! Subthreads no dy exist within thread again??


Again, are we at this? Crush for what, not interested in that thread lol don’t start it


It will be super interesting… Are you worried? :joy:


Worried is an understatemen, It 's time i make this general announcement, I’m still eligible to be anyone’s crush biko @Aje how can you call a small girl like me “sisterly mama” I’m still balling o.


Worried hell no, it just because, I’m crushing on me on zegist


Zegist is a land filled with juicy ladies and saucy men… Lets make a buffet :laughing::laughing:


Buffet as in refreshment…at the mention of refreshment, I can’t wait to attend Babes Redefined 7th Anniversary tomorrow on the mainland and eat enough food.


:thinking: Food for thought.


Thoughts are better put into action…


Action speaks louder than words


Words that some people will tell you…its effect is more than any action


“Action!”, yelled the director.


Director is a person who directs the making of a film.


film ke? what about the directors in the office abi the ones that direct board


Board? What board are they directing?