Last Word Game


Directing a board of matured people acting too smart can be stressful though…


though you are right, i still can’t help but laugh :rofl::rofl:


Laugh about what?


What is going on here? How come nobody is crushing on me? Diaris God oh!


Oh Lady! Calm down, your crusher is on his way


Way to crush and get his heart broken


Broken it is; the yoke of no crusher for @Judy oya you’re one of my zegist crush. Lemme run away:joy:


Away ke? Come back and finish what u started!


:musical_note: Started from the bottom now we’re here. Started from the bottom now the whole team effin here…:musical_note:


Here we are lifting our hands to You


You are my star!


star of bethlehem!! Abeg, whats Christmas going to be like this year? Any plans


Plans to travel home and spend the festive time with my siblings… Can’t wait!


Plans ko, plans ni…when somebody dinnor have money in the bank accant :smirk::smirk::joy:


Accant is the same as account. Just that Nigerian don’t know book :grin::grin:


o o oh! accant is not the problem, it’s the money that someone will spend. See why i wish i was still akid, at least somebody will have bothered about Christmas shoes and clothes and party rice and Knockout!:fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks:


Knockout abi banger? But u’re so right, nobody is remembering to give me anything for Christmas oh, growing up sucks big time! :confused:


:musical_note: Time na money oo
_ Time na money_ :musical_note:


Money makes the world go round, but money isn’t everything.


Everything, everything that’s one movie I want to watch, lemme see if I can download it sef