Last Word Game


sef isn’t an english word o :joy::joy: Too much pidgin has soiled our spellings already…


Already thinking of what to get for my mum as a Christmas present. Any suggestion?


Suggestion or suggestions might not help, how about you ask her first?


First? you could gauge her needs and get something for her based on your research or you could just take her out or just pay for her getaway


Gateway is a great idea but am actually far from where she is and she might end up not going as I won’t be around to go with her.


Her needs is actually a good place to start thinking from


From grass to Grace.


Grace is unmerited favor from God.


God can you call me please, 2017 is gone… i don’t have credit to call you


You don’t need credit all you need is prayer by just going on your knee wherever you are and he’ll answer


answer right? We have been praying, still praying but tchai… issokay!


Issokay is another way of saying the prayers ain’t answered yet


yet we keep praying, we forget prayers without faith is nothings as faith without work is mere fooling oneself. Most time, the answers to our prayers is in our hands.


Hands that are clean of any form of sin…


…I concluded. Lol


Sin! A big barrier to connecting with God


God loves us despite the fact that we are not always perfect…


Perfect? Imperfect me that God loves


Loves me, loves you and everyone unconditionally. This is God


God is a good God inspite and despite.