Last Word Game


Despite the fact that we have so many challenges, we still find a way to stay happy in Nigeria.


Nigeria go better.


Better days are coming for us all.


All we gotta do is be hopeful and keep our fingers crossed


Crossed the line yet no one is saying anything. Slave trade in this era


Era of civilization as such and we still have this kind of inhumanity, how did we get here?


Here? We wouldn’t be here if not for the selfish lazy individuals who wouldn’t think of anything better to do with themselves rather than endangering their lives going where they know nothing about all in the name of searching for greener pastures. God help us


Us was a soap opera that aired on TV stations years ago. Guess it’s no more.


More people should reply before this thread extinct


Extinct isn’t the best word here… It should be forgotten… Before the thread becomes forgotten.


Forgotten!:joy: it’s been a memorable journey


Journey without destination. Who wants to say the last words? Who can? Last now, next later


Later can be tomorrow or even the next second… Stop procrastinating…


Procrastinating ke? I will bet 2018 on it. This thread can not be forgotten! What do you think @aje


@Aje has over 140 posts on this thread


thread carefully, wisest one… like seriously? :open_mouth: Won’t we have a Zegist Carol?


Carol on zegist? Hmmmm! how will that be???


Be the best you can be


Be it while you still can


Can I enter 2018 already…2017 should come and go