Last Word Game


Go for what you want and don’t quit till you achieve it…


It’s not too early to start working on your 2018 goals.


Goals should be written down now and not when its the 1st day of January. Write it down now, start calling who you need to call and chase your dreams with everything you’ve got.


Got so many things on my mind for 2018 lol don’t think love is on that list for now


Now that my goals have been listed out. I realized I need money. Oya lemme start calling all my debtors.


Debtors that start vexing when you request for your own money


Money is an essential but scares commodity in life.


Life become more beautiful if we become aware of who we are and start living it with intention.


Intention/intentions sometimes are good but passed in a wrong way


way to go, @Kachie just lit up my day… Her graphics is dope


Dope is an understatement… @Kachie 's designs are amazing… @iamtosyne has got great designs too.


Too much jiuce, too much sauce


Sauce and juice here is too much o! Thank you so much guys :kissing_heart:


Guys, how is the Christmas preparations going?


Going well o, I can see it’s snowing here on zegist. Any Christmas present?


Present your worries before God. He truly cares.


Cares and fears, I wish I could totally live above them


Them papa! If them enemies talk say I no go chop new year meat


Meat sounds the same as meet.


Meet a new person often is kinda part of my new year resolution