Last Word Game


Resolution can be quite difficult to keep up if you don’t put your mind to it tho… But to meet a new person isn’t difficult. Zegist hangout next year would be bigger and better…


Better!!! Whoop whoop, lemme start getting ready.


Ready, Set, Gooooooooooooo!!! :running_man:t6::running_man:t6::running_man:t6::running_man:t6:


Gooooooooo home and spend time with your family this season… I am back :grin::grin::grin:


back to let you know that I have cleared my schedule for the friend meat and jollof rice meetings from 24-31st


31st… When I will just start my owo epo service fully


Fully back to zegist now


Now ain’t that some good news?!


News indeed, now that Xmas has even started on zegist​:grin::grin::grin:


Zegist has missed you @Aniekan. I really hope @Opetunde comes around too


Too many people came online today just because of the Xmas secret Santa though I honestly feel it should have been limited to just cregital and zegist in house members :woman_shrugging:t5:


Members you say? All Cregital people came around :joy_cat::joy_cat:… Though I have been away for a while so I was surprise at the online presence ooo… Chai, those of us that even shared it brought new people in I guess


Guess what?


What marvels me most is how I just got to know of this amazing online community, a day before yesterday.


Yesterday must have been your lucky day.


Day is the time of light between nights


Nights brings beautiful stars… I am one of the stars…


Stars are enormous things that are viewed by little beings from a great distance


Distance has got no grips on the love i have for you… Its deep!


Deep and Wide… Don’t forget the width. The Love should cut across boundaries, defy protocols and break limitations. Love’s width must transcend the pacific ocean