Last Word Game


Verbal expression should be done carefully and consciously to avoid hurting people.


People will always have something to say even if the words are carefully crafted


crafted like the engraved rivers whose home is your palms


Palm. Come to think of it, mine is as soft as silk.


Silk is just the perfect word to describe my sweet soft palms…


Palms shopping mall was the first shoprite I ever went to,now I don’t even remember what that place looks like anymore.


Anymore? I’m sure it might be dilapidated already…


Already? are you people in Lagos at all? Go see for yourself


Yourself is mostly put together to make a word, rather, it should be “your self…” with a space…


Space or no space, i think “yourself” is still correct right?


right? which do you mean. that she is right or wrong or she is right then left. why can’t left be the same for wrong since right is right?


Right now, reading through this thread from the top makes it feel like I’m in a literature class.


Class? I really hate going to class at all.


All the glory belongs to God


Please oooo. You want render people jobless.


Jobless? In what way, please? I need to know.


Know the difference between yourself, your self and ya self


Self love is the highest form of freedom I’ve ever known.


Known to all but understood by few


Few are called from the many that is chosen.