Last Word Game


it is time to start working towards our goals for this year not when we have 1 month to the end of the year we start running upan down


Down the wasted efforts our wandering minds go with the escort of “had I known”.


Known her since my childhood.


Childhood memories a typical example of not letting the past be.


Be yourself, that’s the best you can be.


Be-cause it’s the ultimate truth.


Truth sometimes hurts.


Hurts like a sharp cut from a knife.


Knife is a kitchen utensil but a deadly weapon


Weapon that can be used for defense or for murder.


Murder,could be the assisting role it plays to some depressed people.


People are very often quite nauseating.


Nauseating? Amidst what condition? Cus for an action there must be a reaction. Hope I got that right?


Right now, I just wanna eat chocolate ice cream.


Cream that won’t change my skin colour to coke and fanta is just the best.


Best go for natural products.


Products that are chemical free


Free don’t mean you are at liberty.


Liberty, yeah that’s the synonym.


Synonym is a comparison of two similar words yeah?