Last Word Game


Yeah,you’re right dear.


Dear anybody is an old school way of beginning a letter.


Letter writing, hated it back then in school especially formal letters made me to over rack my head.


Head could mean a lot of things, depending on the context in which it’s used…


Head can be heavy on the neck somtimes especially when it contains things that nobody else is carrying.


Used in the sense of brain tasking


Carrying lot of stuffs that I wonder if I’m really human


Human is one of my favorite Brandy’s Album.


Album is the collection of songs by an artiste


Artist is what most people wanna be especially in this jobless economy.


Economy of the country is so terrible right now that I get flabbergasted at the way lives are lost


lost in abject poverty


Poverty of the mind also. Materialism has become the ideal.


ideal to point where embezzlement of funds becomes the order of the day


Day-to-day activities for the politicians and elites


elites who are oppressors


Oppressors of the masses. Too bad!


Bad mouthing is also another thing. People running their mouth like tap water.


Water a natural commodity that’s becoming unnecessarily scarce and untreated.


untreated due to our negative attitude towards it care