Last Word Game


Care isn’t in their agenda


Care to know that water is the most abundant substance in the whole of the universe. It kills me that it is not readily available to everyone despite our leap in technology


Technology in Nigeria is yet to be fully developed and advanced.


advanced due to bad governance


Governance or arrogance? Or even ignorance?


ignorance due to lack of right learning


Learning to them is a form of been handicapped


handicapped by what please?


Please it’s just a personification of the word mentioned earlier.


earlier this morning I went jogging but when I remembered Pro 28:1, I jejely returned home… :joy::joy::joy:#copied


Copied assignment is all fun and easy, until you get caught and can’t explain yourself.


Yourself refers to the person being addressed


Addressed the way you are dressed.


Dressed in what sense?


Sense is a very important quality people need in this country.


Country that has less elites deciding the fate of the large masses.


Masses are suffering, leaders are bubbling, when will the tables turn?


Turn? It has but not fully,true it’s a gradual process.


Process involved in becoming is somtimes more important than what we become.


Become the change we want now and not later.