Last Word Game


Lolz you gat me laughing, wake up from your sleep. This kinda dream is not good for your health.


Health is wealth


Wealth is knowledge


Knowledge is power


Power is when buhari promises change and gives us something else and we can not do anything about it


it is almost time for another election is what people will always say


Say what?
E be like say them wan tell us another story again o.


o ti ye wa and we no go gree


Gree ko gree ni. Is that even an English word?


Word that says, don’t dare vote for Buhari unless you want to drink garri with oil


Oil and water can never mix now, that’s how buhari is to Nigeria right now.


Now, I wish it could be Friday…we are going on a one week break


Break away from the stress and hassles of the week right?


Right away from kids scream, pecks and hugs.


Hugs that make you feel better


Better than anything in the world. I just love them but I need a break.


Break again? You and this break ehn, don’t sha goan break into two.


Two shall become one remember but you don’t know how I need some rest.


rest is always inevitable


Inevitable yeah but do I get it.