Last Word Game


Difference is Kiss is a mouth to mouth stuff but peck just a light kiss on the cheek but you can peck someone lightly on the lips


Lips that are soft, one of those things on my favorites list.


List out the other things let’s see.


See the aurora borealis in Japan is another one.


One by One is a timeless classic song by Enya


Enya got popular because of Robin Hood.


Hood? Didn’t know that was a name.


Name one song of hers you know


…know some like Even in the shadows, Orincoco flow etc; I also enjoy listening to the Gregorian Chant Band.


Bandit was the movie i first heard U2’s song “Beautiful day”


Day by day dear Lord, for these three things I pray: 1. To see thee more clearly
2. Love thee more dearly
3. Follow thee more nearly


Day by day.


Day or days!! Just be the reason someone smiles


Smiles are contagious, so consciously spread it everywhere you go.


Go go gon go is a response to where ever you go. What is the the response to wherever you’ve been?


Wherever you’ve been… “Sisi Eko”


Eko is the Yoruba translation of Lagos, so what’s the Igbo or Hausa translation?


Translation of some words make them loose their original meanings sometimes.


Sometimes, I feel like a miracle.


Miracle is someone’s name here on zegist oh