Last Word Game


Oh my God, you don’t mean it.


It just seems February is running on a high speed, unlike January that was crawling like a snail.


Snail pass snail o… January was the slowest snail ever!


Ever experienced love at first sight?


…sight of any thing chocolate gives me foodgasms, like I literally moan each time I eat a well baked deep chocolate cake and I’m so craving it right now.


Now, I’m just flexing this break alone


Alone with your thoughts and fantasies.


Fantasies of cake that is driving me crazy,you people will not rest until I eat this cake.


Cake this,cake that. Let us hear word.


Word ko, word ni…I’m hungry.


Hungry? Find something to eat then


Then send me something delicious, I’m too tired to cook.


Cook was all I did last night and this morning cos tomorrow is Valentine’ day and I’ll be home all alone like every other year


Year in year out? You’re not alone


Alone I have been all Valentine day for years now


Now I know I’m not alone on this.


This is getting interesting.


Interesting is an understatement.


Understatement is the opposite of Overstatement and can also be likened to a figure of speech.


Speech made by Chairpersons etc at an event bore me out. :roll_eyes: