Last Word Game


Record and Record are two different words with same spelling… I know you pronounced them differently :grin:


Differently is an adverb, different is its adjectival form and difference is the noun.


Noun - National open uinversity of Nigeria
Nouns in English are naming words


Words that heals the soul


Soul - the mind & feelings, Seoul - the city, Sole - of foot


foot the bill, she said. I never knew the depth of it till i sank in the responsibilities that befalls a dunce in love.


Love, a word commonly expressed yet rarely and scarcely found. Love is inexistent without giving; for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.


Son or daughter, whichever one you get as a parent, be sure to treat them equally.


Equally is how men and women,boys and girls should be treated.


Treated! Said cupid when I asked him to cure my love for you a forthnight ago, but alas it was a lie.


Lie or Lay? Lay means to put something down carefully in a flat position while Lie is a statement used intentionally by Ladies for the purpose of deception :joy::joy:


Deception!! Deception is another word for make up, with the wonders make up is doing, omo I fear oo


Oo my days, I have missed this thread so much


Much ado about nothing!


Nothing like a mother’s love for her baby.


Baby don’t cry. I hope you got your head up
Even when the road is hard, never give up


Up and up, I’m all the way up
I won’t let you get me down
I’ll keep getting up when I hit the ground :blush:


Ground and floor, some of us get confused as to when to use the words.


Words can make and mar you


You are the best version of you.