Last Word Game


You just played yourself for the last time, just stop coming with the same lines


Lines are fallen to me in pleasant places


Places fall under Noun, which is a part of speech.


Speech is a spoken language.


Language is indigenous to every tribe.


Tribe without love and peace makes no sense at all.


All things bright and beautiful, the Lord God made them all.


All things are working together for my good.


Good morning. It’s already 12:00am


Am I the only one grateful to God for the gift of life?


Life is too short to not live it to the fullest, make it count.


Count your blessings and not your losses.


Losses are not worth staying down for, ARISE, shine and keep moving


Moving forward is a wonderful gospel track by Hezekiah Walker.


Walker plays for Man City FC in England


England is one country I would love to visit


Visit your spouse regularly if you don’t stay together or you guys will drift apart


Apart from sleeping, watching movies is a part of my hobbies.


hobbies nowadays are expensive to fund.


Fund is exactly what I need right now, let me be specific, :joy: I NEED MONEY.