Last Word Game


Money you are for me and not against me o… Locate my bank account.


Account for every naira I have given to you this month, my dad said.


Said to him, “My son. Jump! I’ll catch you”… The son did and ended up breaking his leg, because his father didn’t catch him as promised…
" Never trust anybody in life, not even me your father"


Father Me” by Graham Kendrick makes me very emotional.


Emotional, yet strong.


Strong or weak, rich or poor, good or bad, death is no respecter of persons.


Persons or people? I’m always betwixt two as to which actually works as a plural.


Plural means more than one. I’m wondering, what the plural of Batman?


Batman? Wetin concern me about that one?


one? you promised bringing in five clients at the beginning of the project.


Project your image in the way you would like to be seen.
Chaai, this thread is still going on, is it a vocab brain teasing super experiment or what? :smiley:


what? friday is here already?


Already anticipating how the weekend’s gonna go. :dancer:


Go and have fun this weekend


Weekend should be Mondays to Fridays; while Saturdays and Sundays should be weekdays, who agrees with me?


Me! But at the same time, I don’t like the idea of just whiling away time, it will make me lazy. I think weekdays should remain Monday - Friday.


Friday is the beginning of a new week for some people.


People of the world is @evansakanno’s favorite phrase I guess…


Guess is a fashion brand just like Gucci. There was a time I thought they were an imitation.


Imitation is inevitable when you are just good at what you do.