Last Word Game


What are you still doing awake?


Awake chatting with @theunofficialomotayo :joy:


@theunofficialomotayo isn’t sure he knows what this game is exactly about but idea is need.


need indeed. you just type beginning with the last word of the thread. it dosen’t even have to make sense . and that is such a relief.


Relief is when you frantically search your pocket and bag, and eventually spot your phone.


Phone conversations aren’t advised for official use.


Use your initiative when it comes to making friends, you’re not obligated to be friends with everyone.


Everyone can be a friend, but few are true friends


Friends who become family are rare.


Rare is another word for scarce. It is scarce to find selfless friends because everybody de do “all man for himself”


Himself or herself or themselves all join, man’s got to make it, while striving to do so, be good to people, irrespective of their social class, age, ethnicity and religion.


Religion or tribe shouldn’t be a barrier, let’s treat each other equally


Equally is how the universe treats the living. The Rain falls and the sun shines equally on both the good, the wicked and the ones in between.


Between playing a word game and reading a book, I seem to be confused as to which to choose.


Choose reading a book cus u won’t bother thinking of the next word to type.


To type/form words are brain-tasking indeed, book to the rescue.


Rescue me is one of my Ashanti’s favorite songs. Now only God knows where she’s gone.


Gone to the mountains to probably meditate and come back stronger


Stronger than before


Before weak, now strong. That’s the spirit of heros.