Last Word Game


Finish wetin? We will reach 5000 replies. Wait oh, is there a guiness record for this sorta thing?


Thing is, right now, I just feel like driving to Abeokuta and climb to the top of Olumo. The breeze up there coupled with the view of brown roofs is nostalgic.


Nostalgic? I don’t think that’s the same feeling I got when I climbed the rock last year


Year in, Year out, I’m consoled that God has great plans for me.


Me too. @theunofficialomotayo make we Waka go olumo together.


Together forever


Together? That’ll be cool! I was gonna say we take the conversation to the DM but it would just sound wrong :joy:


Wrong? Nothing wrong with two bros having a private convo about living a dream.


Wrong in what way? :rofl::rofl:


Way to go then. DM it is


Is it just me that observed that @Mira and @theunofficialomotayo don spoil the game


Game no spoil… You coincidentally replied at the same time as i did


Did you really mean the hurtful things you said to me last night?


Night ke? E gbami ke? Who hurt you last night? The Zegist squad need to visit them.


Them? How many are they?


They are many, say about 50.


50 Cent you mean?


Mean 50 cents? Nah, I think 50,000 dollars would do :wink:


Do me, i do you


You know nothing about that. Trust me.